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Beuchat Mundial Equipe Long John 5 mm

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You also have the option to purchase the jacket set along with the Long John 5 mm 450902

Beuchat Mundial Equipe 5 mm Jacket is a well cut, flexible, preformed jacket made of a jersey exterior and open cell interior with a hood and face cuff.

Beuchat Mundial Equipe 5 mm Long John also are a well cut, flexible overall perfectly adapted to use when spearfishing in cold water areas.

Beuchat Mundial Equipe 5 mm Jacket and Long John Details:
Neoprene Thickness: 5 mm;
Interior: open cell;
Exterior: jersey;
Assembling Technique: glued edge to edge and overlocked;
To Put On Jacket: use talcum powder or water with a little bit of shampoo;
Cuffs: no;
Padding (Jacket): speargun loading chest padding;
Knee Padding (Long John): yes.


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5 mm




Beuchat is a company that designs and manufactures underwater equipment for scuba diving, spearfishing, snorkeling and freediving. Beuchat was founded by Georges Beuchat in Marseilles in 1934 and has grown to be an international company with a presence all over the world.


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