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Beuchat Espadon Elite Waist Cut Pant 5 mm


The Elite is ideal for cold and tempered water spearfishing and offers a high thermal protection.

Combines the qualities of an open cell interior 5 mm with a smooth outer skin.

Seals with high quality finishes for better water tightness, improved appearance and more resilience.


Eco-Friendly Neoprene

Neoprene made mainly from a natural element, limestone.

Optimum smoothness

Smooth outer coating improves movement through the water for slicker, more efficient diving.

Reinforced stress pad on the top specifically designed not to cause turbulence.

Beuchat, inventor of the isothermal wetsuit

Georges Beuchat creator of the company was an emblematic pioneer of underwater activities. He naturally tried to protect himself from the cold during diving.

This is the way that after several experimentations, led in the creeks of Marseille, he invents in 1953 the isothermal wetsuit.

This fundamental invention has played a key role in the development of underwater activities.

And more than sixty years later, its bases remain valid although materials and methods evolved.

Technical product offered exclusively through our network of resellers in order to benefit from the advice of a technician.

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5 mm


Medium, Large




Beuchat is a company that designs and manufactures underwater equipment for scuba diving, spearfishing, snorkeling and freediving. Beuchat was founded by Georges Beuchat in Marseilles in 1934 and has grown to be an international company with a presence all over the world.


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