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Beuchat Hero Open


The latest addition to the Hero line, the Hero open, closed-head speargun was designed for both casual and regular hunters.

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The Hero Open speargun is a worthy heir to the Hero dynasty; it features many elements of the range including the Hero pistol grip with its inverted stainless steel trigger cassette, closed head and Ø 28mm aluminium tube with integral guide track. Its full complement of features, and its price, will surely turn more than a few heads.

Product pluses:
• Hero Open pistol grip
• Ø 28 aluminium tube with integral guide track
• Closed head
• Features and accessories

Hero Open speargun:
Pistol grip: Hero Open in fibre-reinforced polyamide for greater strength
Handle: Elastomer for better comfort
Head: closed, made of polyamide fibre for greater strength
Tube: Ø28mm aluminium with integral spear guide
Gun Butt: Hero
Line release: reversible, made of stainless steel
Reel-holder: swallow-tail
Power band rigging: Ø 16mm red screw-in
Wishbone: articulated stainless steel
Spear: Ø6.5mm stainless steel Tahitian
Line: Ø1.6mm nylon mono-filament
Available lengths: 75, 90

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75, 80, 90



Beuchat is a company that designs and manufactures underwater equipment for scuba diving, spearfishing, snorkeling and freediving. Beuchat was founded by Georges Beuchat in Marseilles in 1934 and has grown to be an international company with a presence all over the world.


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