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Scuba Diving Tank Faber

It’s not just a dive cylinder… It’s a FABER. Faber steel cylinders give you the quality and performance you expect and appreciate in a steel scuba cylinder.

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Faber’s Cylinders are appreciated worldwide by scuba divers who choose steel tanks for their Scuba Dive; this tanks give you the lightest (and hence an optimum wall thickness) with an ideal buoyancy, our scuba diving cylinders are diligently manufactured using high quality steel plates.

Faber Tank offer you the most comprehensive range of cylinders for Scuba Diving.

Some final advice: looking after and maintaining your Faber diving cylinder well will bring you many years of underwater pleasure and most importantly a high degree of safety while you enjoy.

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10 L, 12 L, 18 L, 8 L



220 Bar, 232 Bar, 300 Bar




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