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MFH Survival Knife Jungle II


MFH Survival Knife Jungle II

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  • Blade with smooth edge and saw back
  • Metal cross-guard with 2 holes
  • Textured, grooved aluminium handle
  • With screw cap and cord
  • Survival gear in the handle:
  • Compass, matches, fishhook,
  • Fishing line, plaster, cord
  • Additional compartment in the sheath with
  • Multitool (knife, belt cutter, opener, etc.)
  • Latex tube as tourniquet or for slinghot
  • Plastic basket for slingshot back of compartment with scale units and signal mirror
  • Plastic sheath with unfoldable limbs for slingshot
  • Cord wrapping
  • Polyester belt fixation with strap closure

Total length: ca. 35 cm
Blade: ca. 21,5 cm
Weight knife: ca. 460 g
Weight with sheath: ca. 780 g

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