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Ledlenser iF4R Music Rechargeable LED Floodlight


Add a little music to your day! We gave our popular spotlight iF4R a special upgrade: The iF4R music has a high-quality speaker built in you can connect your smartphone to and use as a job site radio. Just like the iF4R, the iF4R music has 2500 lumen1 of light output with five brightness settings. The music spotlight can be charged via magnetic charge system.

  • Built-in magnet for easy attachment to metal surfaces (e.g. steel beams)
  • Five brightness settings with up to 2500 lumen1 light output, controlled via multi-function switch
  • Built-in speaker with Bluetooth control
  • Easy to charge via magnetic charge system
  • Large, tough handle for easy transport

Product Features

Bluetooth speaker capability
Magnetic USB charging
Battery level indicator
Transportation lockout feature
Strong magnet for hands free use
Pull out kick stand

Operational Modes

8%: 200 lumens; 15 hours run-time
20%: 500 lumens; 6 hours run-time
40%: 1000 lumens; 3 hours run-time
60%: 1500 lumens; 2 hours run-time
100%: 2500 lumens; 1 hour, 18 minutes run-time

Technical Details

Operating Modes: 8% / 20% / 40% / 60% / 100%
Luminous Flux: Up to 2500 lumens
Lamp: White LED
Focus: Fixed
Batteries Required: Built-in 8000 mAh lithium-ion rechargeable battery
Charge Time: 6 hours
Body Material: Aluminium and durable plastics
Measurements: 235 x 45 x 110 mm
Weight: 1139 grams
Switch Type: Push button
Environmental: Water and dust resistant to IP54 standard
Warranty: 5 years (7 years with product registration)
Regulatory Compliance: CE / RoHS

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The Ledlenser iF4R Music is a high powered work light offering a flood light with 2500 lumens maximum output, and features a speaker function that can be connected via Bluetooth.

There are 5 brightness levels available in total which are operated with the large rubberised push button on the back of the light. The central part of the button turns the light on and off with each press, while the plus button steps up the brightness level and the minus button steps down the brightness levels. The light will turn on at the lowest output of 200 lumens and a red LED indicator will come on to show it is on the first brightness setting. As the brightness level is increased another red LED will illuminate until you finally reach five red LEDs which is the highest output of 2500 lumens, and when the output is decreased so will the red LEDs.

Above the main button there is a battery icon button and once pressed it will illuminate the same LEDs but in green for two seconds to show the battery level status. Next to each LED is 10, 25, 50, 75, 100 to show the percentage of battery power the torch has. Below the main button is the Bluetooth icon button which when pressed will turn blue to show that the Bluetooth signal has been activated so that you can pair your device to play music through the speaker, which is handy if you are on a work site as your light source can double as your radio!

Utilising a built-in rechargeable 8000 mAh lithium-ion battery pack, the iF4R Music provides a run-time of up to 1 hour, 18 minutes on the highest setting and is easily charged back up using the supplied magnetic USB charging cable. Simply connect the magnetic end of the cable to the charging point on the back of the floodlight, insert the standard USB end into the included USB 3 pin UK adaptor and then plug in into the mains. Each red LED will light in turn through the charging progress, with each LED representing the stages of charging at 10%, 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% and once fully charged all five LED indicators will illuminate green. A full charge takes approximately 6 hours.

Featuring multiple ways for hands free use, the iF4R Music has a strong magnet built into the side of the unit which is useful as the light can be attached to metal surfaces allowing you to easily carry out your task, or if a magnetic surface isn't available the outer edge of the light can be pulled out to use as kickstand and can be angled to shine the light where it is needed. A carry handle is also built into the top for easy transportation.

To prevent accidental activation in transit the iF4R Music can be locked out by holding down the power button for 5 seconds with the light off. The red LED indicators will then flash to show lockout mode has been entered and will flash again if the button is pressed when in lockout. Press and hold the button again for 5 seconds to exit lockout mode.

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