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Had Coolmax Eco made Scarf Dead Fix

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100% Coolmax Eco Made from recycled PET

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The HAD Coolmax Eco Made multifunctional cloth is characterized by its rapid re-drying and the well-known "cooling effect" - the innovative, recycled Coolmax fiber is used. The usual properties such as sun protection, thermoregulation and optimal sweat transport are of course retained in this particularly sustainable variant. Coolmax occupies a special position in the area of polyester fibers. Here the surface of the Coolmax fibers is up to 25% larger than normal polyester fibers. This has the advantage that the moisture created by sweating is transported away much faster and better to the outside via the so-called capillary force - and leaves behind the well-known, cooling effect. The practical and cooling HAD

  • 100% Coolmax Eco Made from recycled PET
  • typical cooling "Coolmax effect"
  • extremely breathable
  • optimal sweat transport
  • perfect for the warm summer days
  • Adult size: 53 - 62 cm (head circumference)
  • Made in Germany
  • Especially for: running, biking, trekking, hiking, sailing, motorcycling

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